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The Return of the Pumpkin Run

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Written by the head honcho, Jacob Roy

There's just something that's so special about Sunday mornings in Malibu - it's quiet, the weather is typically beautiful, brunch is abundant and, of course, you see some of the coolest cars in the entire world driving around.

This past event not only marked another incredible Malibu Meetup, but it also marked the comeback of the legendary Pumpkin Run. If you're an OG Auto Squad member you might remember the pumpkin run from a few years back. It was when our events were a lot more small but still had a solid variety of cars and people. Even though it was our first year doing it, people still dressed up in amazingly elaborate costumes, and the rally-scavenger hunt we held in Angeles crest Forest was incredible. Although it was an overall awesome event, it was the only event in our history where we got rained out, and for the next two years, we never held a Pumpkin Run again…

Fast forward to this year with fall approaching, Halloween around the corner and the overall mood of California shifting, we were feeling sort of, well, festive, and decided to bring back the Pumpkin Run. All I can say is that I’m glad we did!

We started off the weekend by picking up the new Aston Martin Vantage from our partners over at Galpin Aston Martin, which was quite a treat! It was the perfect car to lead the event in and was an incredible experience to drive from the moment we picked it up at Galpin. After tucking it away for the night in the garage, we got a few hours of sleep and emerged in the morning ready to experience the beast once again and bring it to the event.

Galpin's White Aston Martin Vanquish
Galpin's White Aston Martin Vanquish

Upon arriving at the event, we were shocked at the turnout we had! We had people dressing up their McLarens, Mercedes, Porsche's etc. and it was really cool to see the creative ideas some people came up with! Some people went so far that they wrapped the car for the event! Since the last event we've grown so much and the resulting attendance and response for the car costume contest was incredible.

After the car costume contest, some coffee, and socializing at the beach, we rolled out on an incredible rally along the ocean on PCH and took some winding canyon roads through the mountains over to Thousand Oaks. From there, we hopped on the freeway and cruised on over to our new storage facility, Autobahn Alliance.

With over 100 cars in tow, we pulled up at our new spot and began the last part of our event: the Alliance Forum, a guest speaker panel featuring 3 distinguished Autobahn Members.

For our first-ever panel, we had Knowledge Bennett: a rising contemporary artist, Mad Mike: one of LA's most legendary customizers, and the Head Purist of Alpha Luxe: an LA-based magazine that goes in-depth with luxury cars, watches, art and more. For over an hour these three speakers went in-depth on collecting, art and life in general with our audience. It seemed that everyone at the event was able to walk away more knowledgeable, more insightful and more motivated.

In the future, we will certainly be having more events like this! Drop us a comment if you have ideas for our next event.

We want to also give a massive shout again to Galpin Aston Martin for helping make the event possible! You know Autobahn only works with the best, and they truly are the best!


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