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Midnight Cruise April Run

By Cole.

Driving through the beautiful Pacific Palisades, down the 405 to PCH, you look to your left and see a blacked out Lamborghini Huracán, to your right a 911 GT3. As a new intern for MalibuAutobahn who had never attended an event before, I was stunned and for a little could not find the words to describe what I was experiencing. It was more than feeling like you are in the movies, I entered a world people fantasize about. Over 150 exotic, muscle, luxury and classic cars roll in one after another for our Midnight Cruise.

I arrived at Diamond Autosalon in Westlake Village at 6:30pm to meet the team and get ready for the event. It was awesome to meet people so passionate about cars and I knew the next couple hours were going to be full of good vibes. I parked, walked up to the showroom where we had our merchandise set up and I popped on a MalibuAutobahn t-shirt. Drivers of the cruise now had about two hours to arrive before we took off at 9pm, and every minute another sick car pulled up that I got to check in and park. I got to walk around to talk to the owners of McLarens, Ferraris, Aston Martins, Bentleys and Rolls Royces to name a few. It is such a unique experience being surrounded by the finest and highest class of cars owned by young professionals really hustling in this town. I was inspired and lucky to be there.

As we filled the parking lots of unbelievable cars, people were grabbing bomb soul food from our food trucks, and began checking out each other's cars. It was cool to see people networking all over and having a great time. When you bring people together that have a shared love, it's bound to be a memorable time and you could feel that in the air. However, nothing had my jaw drop like when our partner’s Galpin Auto Sports arrived with the Aston Martin DBX, their first SUV. We parked it center stage for people to check out. It was luxurious.

Once 8:45pm came around, everyone gathered around the showroom for announcements for the cruise. Our midnight cruise is definitely one of our more relaxed events, people arrive and socialize, and by 9pm people are ready to head to the next point. Our CEO thanks everyone for coming out and our partners for supporting us. He lets us know that we are all about to receive a text with the destination of the Midnight Cruise, and this Friday night we would all be heading to the rodeo drive of Venice, Abbot Kinney. We go over some rules and the best routes, and then like wild animals, we rush to our babies to head out as a pack. Engines revving, lights flashing, I couldn’t help but let out a scream, it was so cool to be in this moment and a part of this community. Flying down the highway on my way to Venice, I look to my left and see a blacked out Lamborghini Huracán and to my right a 911 GT3, all I can think is how excited I am for the next MalibuAutobahn event and we definitely can’t wait to see all of you there.


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