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Fall Edition Midnight Cruise

My name is Cole and I am a student intern with Malibu Autobahn. On Saturday September 25th and hosted another infamous Midnight Cruise. As I once again drive through the beautiful Pacific Palisades, down the 405 and to PCH, I look to my left and see a gorgeous Audi R8, to my right a Rolls Royce Phantom. I’ve been working for Malibu Autobahn for 4 months now and since my last midnight cruise, we have been creating and growing tremendously, I was ready to jump back into another event and see everyone I hadn’t seen in so long. I thought that being a seasoned intern I wouldn’t still be so stunned, but for a little I could not find the words to describe the excitement that I was feeling again when over 150 exotic, muscle, luxury and classic cars began to roll in one after another for our fall edition of the Midnight Cruise.

Just like all the months prior, I arrived again at Diamond Autosalon in Westlake Village at 7pm to catch up with the team, prep our merchandise and the venue. I parked, walked up to the showroom already repping my malibu autobahn T-shirt, but when I took one look at all our new merchandise, I knew I had to throw on one of our sick beanies. I got to see new and old faces. It was great to catch up with the old faces and see how everyone has been doing because we are like a machine at Malibu Autobahn, all doing our part, so it's fun to just be together and enjoy our work. The new faces brightened our event and made it full of laughs and hometown connections. Drivers of the cruise now had about two hours to arrive before we took off at 10pm, and every minute another dope car pulled up and people just knew where to go because of our awesome lot curators, as I like to call them, Jake and Natan. I spent most of the time at the merch booth because just like me, everyone loved our new products and almost cleared us out. But I still managed to walk around to talk to the owners of McLarens, Ferraris, Aston Martins, and Bentleys and I was so happy that many of them were familiar faces. Malibu Autobahn is a family that once you are a part of, you don’t stop coming. It is such a unique experience being surrounded by the finest and highest class of cars owned by young professionals really hustling in this town. These people still inspire me and make me want to grind harder.

Everyone comes together because of the shared love and the joy that the art of cars brings to us. This joy hasn’t gone away and it’s only getting stronger with every event I attend. People connect with people they would have never otherwise connected with if it wasn’t for this niche passion they have. All ages, genders, races, we all love cars and we all love being together.

Everyone gathered around the showroom for announcements before the cruise. Our CEO thanks everyone for coming out and our partners for supporting us. We launch our raffle and after a couple tries, we finally have a winner. But now it's time to announce where we are going and what this night will entail. On this beautiful Saturday night we would all be heading to Rodeo Drive and then off to a rented parking structure in Santa Monica with sweeping views of the city and ocean. We all get setup on Joinr, the app that keeps us together throughout the whole cruise, and then once again like wild animals, we rush to our babies and head out as a pack. Engines revving, lights flashing, felt like I also broke my eardrum, but I knew how exciting this moment was going to be. Flying down the highway on my way to Beverly Hills, I look to my left and see a Audi R8 and to my right a Rolls Royce Phantom, and I just think about how proud I am of the work this team has done my past couple months and I know that this is going to Malibu Autobahns best year.


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