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The Perfect Canyon Carver: Porsche GT3

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Written by our fellow member, Kenny Beainy!

Red Porshe GT3 Beachside

475 horsepower. 324 lb/ft of torque. 4.0L Flat 6. By today’s standards, this just seems like your average sports car. However, when you take the 9,000 rpm redline and the 3,267 lb curb weight into consideration, nothing matches the GT3. With turbocharging taking over the works of Ferrari and McLaren, the GT3 is one of the most pure canyon carvers money can buy. I would like to thank @z_kirovakan for putting that money to good use and allowing me to carve the hills of Malibu alongside him.

Red Porshe GT3 at Garage 54

The GT3 is not the most hardcore nor the most powerful Porsche made, but I will argue that it is the most perfect canyon carver. With the Sharkwerks exhaust fitted on this GT3, the exhaust note echoes off of the canyon walls and fills your ears with joy. Nothing matches the noise this car makes all the way from idle to 9,000 rpm. This was my first time experiencing a PDK transmission and it really is from the future. The shifts are almost nonexistent. We held a race with an Aventador SV (video on @rsreportblog) and you can see how much of a difference the PDK makes compared to the SV’s single clutch. Even though the Porsche has a power deficit of 250 horsepower, the weight and the shifts definitely make up for the GT3’s disadvantage.

Red Porshe GT3 and Green Aventador SV

Speaking of PDK, this was also my first time experiencing launch control. Porsche’s launch control is unique, because most supercars launch from 3-4,000 rpm. On the GT3 however, the savage launch only begins at 7,000 rpm. Keep in mind that the redline is 9,000 rpm. As we launched, my head was thrown back at who knows how many Gs and I was genuinely scared for my life. Roller coasters can’t even compare. After the launch flew through the tunnels, with the sharkwerks exhaust echoing off the walls and the PDK shifting with a blink of an eye.

Driver's view in the Porshe GT3

Compared to the 950 horsepower, 900 lb/ft torque Turbo S, this car feels like a different beast to conquer. In the straights, the Turbo S leaves this car in the dust. However, in the canyons the Turbo S feels like just another grand tourer you can take on long drives. The GT3 was definitely fast in the straights, but in the canyons, the car truly felt like it was home. After nearly an hour of canyon carving, I started feeling nauseous due to the amount of Gs this car is able to pull in the corners. It really can’t be compared to a Turbo S in my opinion.

Red Porshe GT3 with Black Porshe 997 Carrera

Since this car handles so well in the canyons, how does it compare on the streets of Beverly Hills? Surprisingly, I genuinely felt more comfortable in the GT3 than Anthony’s 997 Carrera. The ride is very adaptable in the GT3, since the Porsche Sport Mode can be activated and deactivated depending on your driving style.

Front view of Red Porshe GT3 and Green Porshes
Porshes on Porshes

Before I had the privilege to ride in this GT3, and you asked me what car I would take to canyon carve, I would’ve said a gated 6 speed Ferrari F430 Spider in a heartbeat. After this mind blowing experience though, my heart has turned to another car. The Porsche 911 GT3.

Yellow Lamborghini Huracan, Red McLaren 570s, White Ferrari 458, and Red Porshe Gt3 at a gas station
Exotic gas station takeover

I would like to thank @z_kirovakan for his generosity and the privilege of letting me ride in his GT3. Thank you to @50K2LA for organizing one of the best private rallies I’ve attended and thank you for inviting us. Truly one of the best experiences of my life. Cheers to future events! Make sure to see all the videos of this experience on our instagram: @rsreportblog

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