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The Last Drive of the Decade

Written by our fellow member, Natan.

Yellow Lamborghini Aventador SV and SVJ

Sunday, the start of a new week, right before a return to reality. Most people tend to use Sundays as a day for relaxation and escape. In the car scene, we use Sundays to drive, have fun, and get out into the world. Driving down along Malibu before noon is one of the most gorgeous sights in the world; especially with a squad of some of the coolest cars in the world. This drive was special. It was my first Malibu Autobahn drive and one of my first live car events and will always have a special place for me. I don’t know what was more shocking - the fact that this past year had flown by so quickly that we were already into a new decade or the turnout of spectacular vehicles at the event.

Thousand Oaks Car Meetup

Originally, I wanted to come and take photos, but then I volunteered for the event. When cars arrived at the venue, I was in awe of what was happening. Everything from Lamborghinis that looked like you could put them in a skittles pack to classic cars that were used in shows such as Remington Steele. were here. As time passed, more and more cars arrived. 10-year-old me would have freaked out if he was there. When all attendees arrived, the start location had around 200 cars! If this was any indication of what the future held with Malibu Autobahn, then I am very excited for future events.

Grey Maserati Grand Turismo and Purple McLaren 520S

Now was the time to depart. Jake, the owner of Malibu Autobahn, had provided free coffee and maps for all attendees. He gave recognition to sponsors like Galpin Aston Martin who had provided the new Lotus Evora for show in a stunning deep purple color. After recognitions came the rules; do not pass the pace car, obey all local traffic laws and don’t be THAT guy. Now was time for departure. Jake of course led first. Then slowly, like a well-oiled machine, people started to flow out of the lot. I had managed to get a ride in a stunning Giallo Orion Lamborghini Aventador SV.

What an experience! My first time in a Lamborghini and it was incredible, the 6.5-liter V12 screaming at the back of your head the carbon fiber/alcantara interior blew me away. As we moved out, I had introduced myself to the driver. He was a very polite gentleman who was happy to show me what the Lamborghini was capable of. As we departed, his group who had been communicating via radio all coordinated so that they could call out hazards or find each other if they got lost. Those radios became helpful later during the event as we had made a wrong turn and had ended up in Oxnard. Luckily, we had all met up and reset our bearings and headed towards the destination. Heading down PCH I thought we were lost, passing Port Hueneme to Point Mugu, however, we had ended up meeting up with the rest of the meet around Leo Carrillo state beach.

Lamborghinis, Porshes, and Mustangs at a beach in Malibu

The final destination for the meet was ocean side at the beach in Malibu. Along the way we had other cars come and join us at the event. Everyone lined up right next to the beautiful California beach seemed like something straight out of a movie. To this day I smile to that memory. Thank you to everyone who came, you made me feel accepted and welcome into the car community; a place that I am confident I can always call home. Thank you to the squad of cars I got lost with. Thank you to the man who came from the east coast “Mr. East to West Coast”, and of course an enormous thank you to Malibu Autobahn for giving me the chance to help out at an event and for hosting such an astonishing event. If you’re reading this, I hope you come up to me if you see me at an event, don’t worry I don’t bite.


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