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Final Drive 2020 Destination: Westlake Autoscape

Written by Malibu Autobahn's Jacob Roy. Check out his bio here!

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We're all familiar with the highs of car events and car culture. We experience the highs early in the morning like on Final Drive 2020, cruising through the canyons with friends, talking shop and sipping coffee, tea or Kombucha (for some of us). But what happens when the event is over and it's time to go home? Or how about when you have a random urge on a Tuesday afternoon to go hang out with your car buddies, but there's nothing going on? What you need is a go-to place where you can hangout anytime.

Well, that's where Westlake Autoscape comes in.

Through our friend Robert of Westlake Village Cigar Network, we had the pleasure of meeting George Pero, the founder of Westlake Autoscape, a facility that offers "discerning connoisseurs secure storage, detailing services and an exclusive social club under one roof." George is exactly the kind of business owner we love to see in the car culture... a person with a deep passion for cars, respect in the industry and most importantly: trustworthy. He's the kind of person you go to when you REALLY need someone who you know will treat your car with as much care, if not more, than you do. And that's exactly what people do.

The first time I visited, I had the pleasure of taking a Frost Blue 1959 Corvette through the canyons from Malibu, by the time I had got up and over the Santa Monica Mountains, I pulled up to Westlake Autoscape nestled into the foothills right at the mouth of one of my favorite roads: Decker Canyon Road, aka HWY 23. So basically right off the bat, I knew the location was the perfect destination for people who love to drive, which is exactly why we ended Final Drive 2020 there (more on that later).

As my team was brought inside, it was easy to see this was a place that George and his crew takes very seriously running, having almost a hospital level of cleanliness. We started off by going back into the car storage area, which I wouldn't even really consider a garage... it's more of a museum or art gallery for cars. The floors are like mirrors, the walls are adorned with automotive art and the ceiling is supported by these beautiful wooden beams spanning the entire width of this huge room.

Malibu Autobahn Founder with DDE Founder, Damon Fryer

As much as I love looking at cars all day, what I really wanted to see was the clubhouse I had heard so much hype about. Going upstairs to the secret lair (accessed through a member's only app) I was happy to see it lived up to my hopes. Warm, dark woods are found all over the place, there's a huge bar, couches, pool, and all the other classic lounge accessories you'd hope to find.

However, there is one thing that separates this lounge from anything else I've seen... a fully encased cigar lounge. It's the best of both worlds, you have a place where you can enjoy your cigars but it's also set up in a way where the smell doesn't leak out into other areas of the facility. This Is one of those things so many people talk about doing in their garage/mancave, but these guys were actually able to pull off properly.

Honestly, it's one of those places you just have to see in person, which is why we were so happy to have Westlake Autoscape sponsor us as the official destination for Final Drive 2020. As you know, when it comes to who we partner with, we only go with the best in the business.

Word's don't do it justice, so we highly recommend you checkout their website here and explore it for yourself.

Thank you guys again, see you at the next event!

-Jacob Roy

Want to join Westlake Autoscape? Simply click here and fill out the form, be sure to mention Malibu Autobahn sent you in the description for a special promotion available only through Malibu Autobahn.

Want to relive the event? The click on the official photo album page here to explore the different albums.

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