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/Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato

The ultra-rare Vanquish Zagato is quite simply the ultimate expression of what an Aston Martin can be. Gorgeous, powerful, and full of surprises, Malibu Autobahn had the opportunity to capture this one of a kind supercar.

As rare as it is beautiful, this perfectly appointed Zagato Coupé is 1 of only 99 in the world and 1 of only 15 U.S. cars, making it the rarest car we've ever documented. Furthermore, the exclusive all red interior combined with a custom black metallic paint is found on no other Vanquish Zagato.

For over 50 years Aston Martin and legendary Italian design house Zagato have been partnering to create bespoke high-performance cars such as this fine example. The car masterfully combines timeless design with unique features found on no other car. The dramatic Zagato grille with Z-motifs blends seamlessly into the flowing body and the ultra-rare 'double-bubble' roof slopes dramatically back to the unmistakable rear end of the Vanquish Zagato. As you continue to explore the car, you find Zagato touches everywhere, paired with massive splashes of sculpted exposed carbon fiber. 

But it isn't only the incredible design elements that make this car so special. The Vanquish Zagato is equipped with unique performance upgrades as well, such as suspension, exhaust, and a full carbon fiber body.  Perhaps most important, however, is its naturally aspirated 6.0L 591HP V12 engine, making it even more historic as this car goes down in the books as one of the last of its kind.  

-Jacob Roy, Malibu Autobahn |

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