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Malibu Autobahn Picture Vehicle Portfolio and Reviews

With over thousands of picture vehicles in its collection, Malibu Autobahn has curated the best vehicles for small to Hollywood reknown production companies.

Why World-Reknown Production Companies choose Malibu Autobahn:


From sourcing to on-site management, we handle every aspect to simplify your picture vehicle rental process from start to finish.


Rare and distinctive vehicles

Get access to a diverse selection of vehicles, ranging from awe-inspiring monster trucks and timeless classics to breathtaking exotic cars.

Extensive inventory for your needs

With an expansive collection of 4,000+ picture vehicles, we are equipped to fulfill your specific production demands.

Dedicated expert support

From the moment you contact us, a dedicated coordinator will be assigned to work closely with you to guarantee a seamless experience.

Customized solutions to fulfill your vision

As creatives, we know you may have a specific vision for your picture vehicles. Whatever you need, no matter how specific, we'll get it to you.

Beyond traditional cars

From boats, planes, and motorcycles to an array of other vehicles, we offer a diverse range of options for your production.

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Featured Videos

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