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Midnight cruise

Year of the Dragon

Next Date TBA
9 PM - Midnight

Image by Thomas Despeyroux
View of Downtown Los Angeles from the Hollywood Hills.  Interstate 101 is shown in the for

About The Event

Welcome to Malibu Autobahn's midnight cruise: a gathering of unique cars and equally unique individuals, beginning with a car meet and ending with a cruise to a unique destination.

For this cruise, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year with our rendition of the "Year of the Dragon" inspired drive. There will be limited edition YOTD inspired merchandise available at the event.

We will meet @ 9PM on Saturday, February 24th. Please register for more details and location.

Our Midnight Cruises are designed to be a mellow drive with friends. All attendees must follow the rules of the road. No street racing allowed. 

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Special edition crests

Each Malibu Autobahn event involves the creation of a unique version of our crest, one that will never be duplicated.


Only attainable at the event, every parking spot at the start point comes with a decal. They will also be available at the Malibu Autobahn booth. 

For this Midnight Cruise, we've created the Year of the Dragon edition of the Malibu Autobahn Crest.

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To participate you must fill out this form


Instructions will be emailed to you after registering

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