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Cars & Coffee


Malibu is well known as the epicenter of California car culture. Combining winding scenic roads, Hollywood celebrity culture and being a short cruise up the coast from Los Angeles, it's the naturally perfect place for car enthusiasts to gather. Come here any day of the week and you will see supercars, hypercars, vintage cars, classic cars, motorcycles and so many more, all enjoying what Malibu has to offer.

Malibu Cars & Coffee at Malibu Country Mart is an unofficial gathering that happens every single sunday, usually from about 9AM to noon. Here you will see some of rarest, most iconic cars in the world, brand new releases, prototypes and many car culture celebrities such as Jay Leno. 

It's free, but it's very important that visitors support the local shops and restaurants surrounding the show.

At Malibu Autobahn, we regularly host curated drives around California, often ending at this very show.


If you are interested in joining our events, we suggest you follow our instagram and turn on post notifications to be notified of our pop-up events. We also highly encourage you to join Malibu Autobahn to gain access to our more exclusive, curated drives in and around Malibu.

About Malibu Cars & Coffee