Malibu Car Week 2020

The 1st of an all new, legendary tradition. 

August 10-16, 2020


What is Malibu Car Week?

Introducing Malibu Car Week, an annual gathering of cars featuring drives, private events, reveals, and more!

Southern California is widely regarded as the car culture capital of the world, with Malibu being the ultimate place to experience it in its purest form. 

A beautiful, world-renowned destination, Malibu is known in the car world for its winding coastal roads, open spaces and the place to see some of the world’s rarest cars on a regular basis.

While there are many automotive gatherings that take place here, such as our drives, there is no annual gathering that takes it to the next level.

This where Malibu Car Week comes in. 

Malibu Car Week 2020 will take place August 10-16 this year, the same week as Monterey Car Week 2020.

Going forward from 2021 and beyond, Malibu Car Week will take place annually the week before Monterey Car Week.


The design of these events naturally includes social distancing built into them. Drives allow people to be together on the road while safely separated in individual cars. MASKS AND 6 FT. SOCIAL DISTANCING IS REQUIRED ANYTIME A GUEST LEAVES THEIR CAR.



Track Day at Autoclub Speedway

An exciting track day at a world-renowned track. 

Malibu Car Week Finale Rally

Our signature event, the rally will serve as the finale of Malibu Car Week and will be our largest event.

Malibu Car Week Limited Edition Champion T-Shirt

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