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Image by Pablo Martinez

F8X Showdown

Sunday Morning, February 11, 2024

The ultimate gathering of the F80/F82 BMW M3 & M4



Open exclusively to the BMW F8X generation M3 and M4, join the ultimate meet and drive of one of our favorite modern classics.

We're setting up at Vile Motorsports – where they do more than just tune your ride, they perfect it. 

Grab a coffee, vibe to some music, and we'll be on our way for one of the most exclusive events of the year.

We’ve got a route to Malibu that’s made for the M's – we're talking PCH and a line-up of the ultimate modern classics. This isn't your average cruise; it's a chance to bond with the F8x family and create those stories you'll tell for years to come.

We'll make curated stops along the way and wrap up in Malibu, where it's all about kicking back and soaking in that BMW excellence.


Sign up and we’ll email you with the details.

If you love your M and a good time, you won't want to miss this.

Image by David Becker

Special Edition Crests

With every Malibu Autobahn event, a special edition of our crest is made that is NEVER to be repeated again.

For the F8X showdown, we've created the "Showdown" edition crest, featuring some of our favorite's from our events, with BMW M colors on the Malibu Autobahn text. 

Special edition decals are for sale exclusively during the month of this event, and will no longer be available after Feb. 29. 

Image by Sepehr Samavati
BMW f8X Event copy.png


**Open only to the F80/F82 BMW M3 and M4

Thank you for applying! If your car is selected to participate, you will be contacted by us with instructions. This event is open only to the F80/F82 BMW M3/M4.


If your car is not selected, we encourage you to come out to one of our other events.

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