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Sell Your Car

Sell your car for top dollar and spend less time doing it.

We've partnered up with the best in business to provide the ultimate white-glove ("BaT") consignment offering, completed in 3 steps:

7-Vanquish Zagato Malibu Autobahn.jpg

1. Prep

Bringing your vehicle to it's ultimate expression deeply influences the results of your auction. The service provides full in-house sale prep resources including all necessary technician & detailing resources.

2. Capture

Each car listed includes professional studio photography using a fully adjustable, top-of-the-line 30ft Chimera overhead lightbox (gold-standard for automotive photography), paired against pure white cyclorama wall backdrop.

4-Vanquish Zagato Malibu Autobahn.jpg

3. Auction

With nearly a decade of experience in perfecting the processes of BaT sale preparation and auction management, the sale of your car is optimized to yield the best results.

When your vehicle sells for a satisfactory amount, an in-house licensed dealer handles all necessary paperwork and transportation.

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