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Introducing "The Details"

Updated: May 29, 2022

Written by our fellow member, Thomas Powers.

Things work better when they’re clean - don’t believe me? Try eating at a restaurant that doesn’t prioritize cleanliness. See how many compliments your shoes get after a 6-mile hike. Better yet, see how many looks your car gets when its grimey, grubby, and gross as can be (oof – called out).

Welcome to “The Details,” a Malibu Autobahn blog column that covers the in’s and outs of all things car care.

As a hobby, career, and industry, detailing can be punishingly difficult, complex, and time consuming. With that in mind, this column is designed for individuals or owners of Los Angeles car rental businesses to demystify, educate, and (maybe possibly) entertain with interesting topics that will help you keep your car looking its best with everything from the right products to the right professional resources.

Paint protection film, ceramic coatings, contact angle, reflection, clarity, DAT’s and non-DAT’s, we’ll cover it all.


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