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Porsche Palooza

Presented by Malibu autobahn

Sunday June 30th | 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

DALL·E 2024-06-10 15.28.45 - A simplified and stylized background for a 'Porsche Palooza'



Welcome to the Porsche Palooza, Malibu Autobahn's ultimate gathering of Porsches of every type from every era.


We’ll begin in the morning with an exclusive gathering of Porsches, Coffee, and good vibes at a special location in LA disclosed only to registered event participants. After our driver's meeting, we'll head out for the open road.


The destination: Angeles Crest Forest. 

With several unique roads and routes mapped out, there will be many different ways for you to reach the destination.

Each route will have different objectives for you to complete and compete with your fellow drivers. The final destination is where we will regroup and award the winners of different objectives.


Maps, itineraries and a special app for the drive will be provided.

This rally is limited exclusively to Porsches... and to Volkswagen Beetles, of course.


You must apply to get a ticket to the event.

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Event Access

Porsche Palooza is open to all Porsches. Every model, every era. 

Once your ticket is purchased, you will receive another email with the event locations and further instructions.

If you have any questions, please email


  • Follow all laws of the road

  • No speeding

  • No reckless driving or racing

  • No excessive revving 

Only registered ticket holders can access this event.

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Special Edition Crests

With every Malibu Autobahn event, a special edition of our crest is made that is NEVER to be repeated again.


Every car gets a decal featuring this design. Like a badge of honor, you can only get it by attending the event. 

For Porsche Palooza, we have created the "Palooza" edition Malibu Autobahn crest.

11 Porsche Palooza Malibu Autobahn .jpeg
Porsche Palooza Decal FINAL png.png
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20 Porsche Palooza Malibu Autobahn .jpeg

What's Included:

* Entry for 1 vehicle + passengers into the Porsche Palooza

*Access to the pre-drive Porsche Palooza Cars & Coffee

*Complimentary Coffee and Breakfast Buffet at start point

*Porsche Test Drives at start point

*A full morning of driving with multiple pre-planned Porsche Palooza routes available

* Limited edition Porsche Palooza route map

* Limited edition Porsche Palooza wall poster

* Limited edition Malibu Autobahn decal

* Access to private group app for the drive

* Professional pictures of your car

* Entry into the Autobahn Awards


Camp Autobahn: Off -Road Extravaganza
Camp Autobahn: Off -Road Extravaganza
Jul 20, 2024, 4:00 PM
Private Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains
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