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Content Creation Sessions Contract

Please Print and PDF scan the following documents and send it to our email once you received our acceptance letter to service. 

‘Content Creation Session’ service contract



BETWEEN: Malibu Autobahn



AND: The Client _______________ (Name/Company name)



Description of the ‘Content Creation Session’ service

The client _________ (Name/Company name) request Malibu Autobahn to provide a videography and photography service for vehicles provided by the client. This service (‘Content Creation Session’) will involve the production of a video and five pictures of the client’s car. 


Legal Binding Parties

The legal binding parties of this contract must be living in the United States or a US citizen. The Malibu Autobahn Production team does not provide international services at this moment. 


Schedule of the Tasks / Location

  1. The client(s) is agreed to meet at the 2pm in Malibu. The location will be WestWard Beach, Malibu, CA.

  2. The filming session will be between 2pm to 5:30pm. The session will end after sunset. 


Tasks to be Executed

  1. Malibu Autobahn will provide photo shoot using drones, DSLRs, and gimbals to finish the collection of footage.

  2. Malibu Autobahn will provide a detailed schedule for the client to follow before the date of the service date.

  3. Malibu Autobahn will edit and alter the video footage to compile a video containing music and given titles/subtitles.

  4. The video must be finished within seven working days and published for the client for a review.

  5. The client(s) has three business days to review the video before giving feedback. 

  6. Malibu Autobahn has up to 2 business days to edit and alter after the client(s) gave the comments. 

  7. Final Product will be released once the client accepts the product. 


Product and Production Quality

The video footage captured will be edited and altered to suit the customer’s needs. The video will be rendered in 1080p 30fps or 4k 30fps upon customer’s request. 

The image will be captured by a camera of capacity that matches the minimal requirement of resolution of 1920p x 1080p. The image will be altered and edited to suit the customer’s needs. 

All product will be sent to the customer for a review before publishing on the internet. Malibu Autobahn reserve the full right to reserve one copy of the final product for promotional use. All promotion material will be cited with sponsors, names, and information.


Malibu Autobahn reserve the right to change any videos and images when it is necessary to bring up the quality of the products. 


Cooperate Responsibility

The client must comply with the tasks given at the filming site to ensure the production will be following the assigned schedule. If the customer is not driving, the driver for the client’s car will be included in this term. If the client fails to cooperate with the staff of Malibu Autobahn, then Malibu Autobahn reserves the right to refuse the service for the customer, and no refunds will be made. 


Grace Period

The production team will have up to 2 business days (48 hours) of grace period before accepting the order. If the quality of the footage is acceptable, the production team will notify the client within the grace period. If the footage was determined to be unacceptable and cannot be used, the production team will start the refund process. 



The client hereby will pay $30 to Malibu Autobahn in return of a high-quality video of 20 seconds rendered at 4k 30fps resolution and 10 high-quality pictures presented at least 1920p x 1080p resolution. 


Legal Liabilities

  1. Malibu Autobahn is not responsible for the damages and injuries caused by others towards the driver and the participants involved. 

  2. Malibu Autobahn is not liable for the traffic tickets, parking tickets, and any other citations that were caused by the drivers.


Force Majeure

In the case of unforeseen emergencies, such as but not limited to natural disasters, and political changes, the contract will be canceled. Malibu Autobahn will not be held responsible for all damages caused by Force Majeure.


Driving Conditions and Checks

  1. Drivers are required to be verified with legal documents before a photo/video production. This includes insurance, a valid driver license, and any other possible government records required.

  2. Drivers must obey local traffic law. 

  3. Drivers must not race against each other.

  4. Drivers must not drive under the influence of substances. This includes but not limit to alcohol, medication.etc

  5. Drivers must listen to the staff's commands and obey orders to ensure the safety of their own and others.



Refunds will only be given if:

  1. The production was halted over 15 days after a given a notice to the client.

  2. The production team was unable to deliver the product due to emergency circumstances. 


Shall there by any legal conflict arise from this contract, all parties shall be brought in front of the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County, California, to resolve all matter.


By paying the required payment of $30, I _______ hereby accept the above terms and condition.




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