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Photoshoot FAQ

When Is The Event?

The next content creation session date for March 2017 will be announced shortly.

What will be included in the package?

Currently, we offer only one package as this event is the first of its kind, but as we get to expand this service, we'll provide premium service in the future. You may follow us on Instagram or check our web page again after we release the package information in the future. For a limited time, the Basic Package will contain some of the Premium Package features, so don't miss out!


Currently, the Basic Package will include:

Price: $99

Video Length: 1 minute (+ $50 for 2 minute video)


Drone Shots: Included

Slider Shots: Included

Profile Shots: Included

Still Photo: 10 ($5 /  additional picture)

Exhaust Sounds: Included

Interview: None

What are the requirements?

For the service, we accept cars of all make and models as long as they have an interesting story to tell. Please share this with us by contacting us. 

In addition, please note that your car needs to have the following legal requirements:

1. That it is road legal in the United States. (If you have a car that is 25 year exempt, it is also fine).

2. That the car has a renewed license plate.

3. That you or the driver for this car is over the age of 18 and has a legal driver license. 

4. That your car does not contain any illegal modifications. 

5. That you are insured. You are obligated to show us your proof of insurance. 

6. That there is an emergency contact number provided. 

Where is the filming location?

The filming location depends on the weather, season, theme and group of cars we are shooting with. We'll pick out the best route and areas for you and your car. It will be a safe place for everyone to drive and enjoy the time during the production. The location will be customized upon special requests and will be given to the client before the production starts during the filming day.

What is the maximum number of cars coming?

There is a limit of 5 cars per shoot. Each car will receive individual content of their car as well as group content. Due to high interest we select the 5 cars that best complement each other , early sign ups receive priority arrangements!

What is the cost of this event? 

As this event is in beta there is only a $30 fee per car to cover the expenses of the production. 

Can I take my license plate off for privacy reasons?

According to local traffic law, all vehicles must have front and back license plate. For privacy reasons, we'll do our best to prevent your license plate from showing. If you have a special interest license plate you want to show, you may kindly place it as your additional request by talking to our representatives.

Malibu Autobahn will not be responsible for the citation or traffic violations if substances are covering your vehicle!

What if it rains?

If there are substantial rains, the session will be canceled and postpone to another time. The devices we use for recording are fragile and may be subject to damages in harsh weather. 

Any More Questions?

Couldn't find the right answer? Submit your question below and we'll get back to you right away!

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