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Ocean Run North

Sunday August 13th



Malibu Autobahn Ocean Run North

Easily our most scenic event of the year, Ocean Run North covers over 120 miles of beautiful California coastline roads. While many of our rallies focus on more technical roads, this event is a straight shot up the coast and almost entirely next to the Ocean.


We begin at 8am in Los Angeles with an exclusive car meet where you'll get to meet other drivers, apply decals and have photos taken of your car. From there, we will begin the journey North up the coast as a group, stopping at key locations along the way.


This Ocean Run ends in Solvang, California, which is famous for its eclectic dutch windmill styling, wineries, restaurants and other attractions. Once at our destination, we will have a group lunch and the Autobahn Awards, followed by an optional cruise back to LA later in the day.


Designed to be an incredible group of diverse cars, this rally is open to exotics, classics, vintage, euro, and all other performance cars, expect a large group of great people and great cars.


The start location in LA county is disclosed only to registered event participants the week of the event.

Image by John Michael Wilyat
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Ocean Run North 2023 Poster


What's included

  • Curated drive up the coast with other enthusiast cars, stopping at several scenic locations along the way

  • Limited edition premium "Malibu Beach" edition Malibu Autobahn decal

  • Limited edition Ocean Run North 2023 poster

  • Limited edition Malibu Autobahn collectible: Euro license plate keychain 

  • Special edition printed drive map​​​

  • Professional photos of your car from the event

  • Entry into Autobahn Awards


Special Edition Crests

With every Malibu Autobahn event, a special edition of our crest is made that is NEVER to be repeated again.


Every car gets a decal as well as a poster and map featuring this limited design. Like a badge of honor, you can only get it by attending the event. 

As this is the Ocean run, we've created the "Malibu Beach" edition crest, featuring a close-up of one of Malibu's finest beaches.

Image by Riley
Ocean Run North Decal FINAL 2023 copy.png
Ocean Run North
Ocean Run North
Aug 13, 2023, 8:00 AM PDT
Location (in LA) sent after registration
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