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___ Edition

Midnight Cruise


Image by Anastas Mateev

About The Event

Welcome to Malibu Autobahn's midnight cruise: a gathering of unique cars, beginning with a car meet and ending with a cruise to a special destination.

We will meet at 9 PM on Saturday, __ in Los Angeles, CA.


Register below to receive the exact event location and instructions for accessing the event.

All cars attending must register.


All cars are welcome.

45 2020_09_25 Midnight Cruise Malibu Autobahn Event Photos Tim Curtet Original Photos.jpeg

Special edition crests

Each Malibu Autobahn event involves the creation of a unique version of our crest, one that will never be duplicated.


Only attainable at the event, every vehicle receives a decal featuring this one of a kind design.

For the Malibu Car Month Meet, we've created the "Not Malibu Car Week" edition of the Malibu Autobahn Crest.

NOT Malibu Car Week 2.png
Image by Allison Huang


To participate you must fill out this form:

Instructions will be emailed to you after registering )

Registration Received. Check your email For Details

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