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Final Drive 2021

Drive to Neptune's Net Toy Drive

Sunday December 12 



Final Drive is an annual event we host every year, it's the last official drive we host for the year, so you already know that we go all out to make sure it's our best event of the year.


This year is particularly special, as the drive will be ending at the Neptune's Net Car Collective's first ever toy drive, benefiting CHP CHiP for kids, Family Forever, Women's Shelter and No Limits. 


The destination Toy Drive for this drive is happening from 10am-2pm at Neptune's Net, an iconic restaurant known for being in Fast & Furious. This event will feature views of the coast, music, sea food and an epic car show, all to help those in need. Guests are highly encouraged to bring a toy to donate.

The curated drive we will begin in LA county and cover some of the best roads California has to offer, including coastal highways, winding mountain roads and plenty of incredible views. We'll explore roads you may have never tried before!


 Here's what comes with your ticket:

-Entry for 1 car with passengers for our curated rally with other exotic and performance cars, stopping at several scenic locations along the way

-Malibu Autobahn Crest NFT (Malibu Autobahn does not cover Gas/transfer costs)

-Limited Edition Die-Cut Malibu Autobahn Decal Set

-Limited edition Final Drive 2021 Poster

-At least 3 professional photos of your car.  


Car Culture Icons Crest

With every Malibu Autobahn event, a special edition of our crest is made that is NEVER to be repeated again.

For Final Drive 2021, we created the "Car Culture Icons Malibu Autobahn Crest" featuring some of the most iconic car designs and color schemes. 

Every registered driver for this event with get an NFT of this crest as well as 2 die-cut crest decals.

As always, we will NEVER repeat this design again, and the only way to get it is by attending the event. 

Final Drive 2021 Official Decal drop shadow.png
Final Drive 2021: Rally To Neptune's Net Toy Drive
Final Drive 2021: Rally To Neptune's Net Toy Drive
Dec 12, 2021, 8:00 AM PST
Start Point Given To Registered Drivers
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