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Malibu Meetups

Wet or Dry.

Drive with us.

Best Cars. Best Roads

Best people.


Malibu Meetups combines the friendly environment of your favorite car meet with the thrill of driving the worlds best roads.

Malibu Meetups January

Date: Jan. 29th. 2017

Event Information


We will be meeting at Westward Beach Road in Malibu for Malibu Meetups January. Find the location on google maps here.


To participate in the car show/drive register below. Please read the Terms and Condition before signing up


There is no fee or prepaid ticket required to enter into this event. However, please do remember there might be ticketing at the gate of the beach that may cost around $8 per vehicle. Please check the beach information here .


10:00 a.m  Meet at Westward Beach for cars & coffee, content creation and networking 

12:00 p.m  Leave for our pre-determined route


1:00 p.m  End drive and surprise location

Route Preview
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