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Saturday, July 20: 4-8 PM

Welcome to Camp Autobahn, our off-road extravaganza!

Taking place at a private ranch overlooking the city, Camp Autobahn is the ultimate off-road gathering in Los Angeles.

The main part of the event will take place in the heart of the ranch, with a massive off-road car show, BBQ, music, games, and immaculate summer vibes.

Bring your friends, all are welcome!

4x4s will have the opportunity to explore the various trails on the ranch, searching for different objectives.


Maps, itineraries, and more will be shared with registered guests.


Off-road focused, all cars welcome.

Think of it as the ultimate summer off-road party.

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Camp Autobahn is taking place at one of the largest private ranches in LA County.


Overlooking the city lights of LA and the San Fernando Valley, it's truly one of the most beautiful places we've ever held an event.


With numerous trails to explore on the property, 4x4s will have the ability to explore a part of the mountains that is never open to the public.


The ranch is accessible only via dirt roads.

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Camp Autobahn Decal FINAL png.png
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With every Malibu Autobahn event, a special edition of our crest is made that is NEVER to be repeated again.


Every car gets a decal featuring this design. Like a badge of honor, you can only get it by attending the event. 

For Camp Autobahn, we have created the "Scout" edition Malibu Autobahn crest.

6 Camp Autobahn Imagery Malibu Autobahn.png
8 malibu Autobahn Odyssey .png


* Entry to Camp Autobahn Off-Road Extravaganza for 1 car with passengers

* Limited edition decal

* Limited edition poster

* Ranch off roading map

* Camp Autobahn Patch 

* Entry into the Autobahn awards

* Professional photos of your car

Event Features:

* Huge display of custom off-roading vehicles
* BBQ in the heart of the ranch.

* Incredible views of the city and the mountains
* Specialty vendors
* Scavenger Hunt
* Trail Exploration
* Great music
* Meet other interesting individuals
* 6X6 Rides
* Malibu Autobahn Apparel Collection 
* Cornhole, bargames 


Ticket Prices:

$79 Per car June 20 - July 4

$99 Per car July 5 - July 16

$119 Per car July 17- July 20

Event Access


Camp Autobahn is off-road focussed, but open to all cars. Access to the event is only via dirt roads.

Once your ticket is purchased, you will receive an email with the event location and further instructions.


No speeding

No reckless driving

No excessive revving 

Drive Safely

Only registered ticket holders can access this event.

Camp Autobahn: Off -Road Extravaganza
Camp Autobahn: Off -Road Extravaganza
Jul 20, 2024, 4:00 PM
Private Ranch, Santa Monica Mountains
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